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Nickles! ¦ Level 18 Human.
A Vietnam Veteran who knows the horrors of war. His quote being " I never thought I'd have to smell that again. " He's a top notch medic and field surgeon. Awarded the Medal of Honor for Bravery above and beyond, he still wears it proudly to this day. 5'8 Light brown hair and deep green eyes.

Last seen in Twilight City.
Nickles! is wearing:
  Kevlar Vest
  Beaded Necklace
  Jeweled Ring
  Jeweled Ring
  Wedding Ring

Human Kills: 7
Zombie Kills: 11
Vampire Kills: 22
Team Kills: 3
NPC Kills: 0
Suicides: 2
Awesomeness: 35
Healed: 161
Revived: 31
Deaths: 99

Player Information
Real Name: Mark
Joined: April 05th, 2008 06:11:44 PM
Last Login: May 29th, 2012 09:11:48 PM

Email: Eilwood_the_noble@Yahoo.com
Website: My Website