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What do vampires drink?

Through perseverence or sheer luck, you've managed to survive the initial waves of horrific chaos. You're on your own for now, with nothing to your name except for a few items and a major skill. Humans have 50 HP and 70 AP.

Soldier Starting Skill: Assault Weapon Training
• Better chance to hit with assault weapons.
Starting Items: Dog Tags, Fatigues, Assault Rifle, 2 Rifle Clips

Police Officer Starting Skill: Small Arms Training
• Better chance to hit with small arms.
Starting Items: Police Badge, Police Uniform, Pistol, 2 Pistol Clips

Firefighter Starting Skill: Blade Training
• Better chance to hit with bladed weapons.
Starting Items: Firefighter Badge, Firefighter Uniform, Fire Axe, Fire Extinguisher

Doctor Starting Skill: Analysis
• Allows you to see HP values of others.
Starting Items: Plastic Gloves, Scrubs, 2 Medkits, Scalpel

Carpenter Starting Skill: Carpentry
• Allows you to put up or reinforce a barricade.
Starting Items: Protective Goggles, Construction Helmet, Work Clothes, Sledgehammer

Convict Starting Skill: Blunt Training
• Better chance to hit with blunt weapons.
Starting Items: Handcuffs, Prison Jumpsuit, Length of Pipe, 3 Beers

Vagrant Starting Skill: Scavenging
• Increased chances to find items.
Starting Items: Hooded Sweatshirt, Rags, Baseball Bat, 3 Canned Vegetables

Scientist Starting Skill: Lab Studies
• You can use injectors and revival serum to bring corpses back to life.
Starting Items: Biohazard Suit, Lazarix Access Card, Injector, 2 Bottles of Revival Serum

You've died, but haven't let it get in your way. Shambling through the streets, you are an undead creature with a hunger for human flesh. Depending on the time or manner in which you died, you are capable of using one major skill. Zombies have 70 HP and 50 AP. Undead characters start out with randomized clothing.

Fresh Corpse
Starting Skill: Intellect
• You can do basic things like opening doors.

Early Victim
Starting Skill: Rending Hands
• Better accuracy with hand attacks.

Frenzied Corpse
Starting Skill: Hunger Pain
• Bonus for bite attacks when low on HP.

Festering Cadaver
Starting Skill: Biohazard
• Chance of infecting the victims of your bite attacks with a deadly disease.

Mangled Victim
Starting Skill: Cellular Degeneration
• If revived you may choose to stand as a Human or Zombie.

Mob Member
Starting Skill: Smell Rot
• You can detect the familiar odor of nearby zombies.

You're a special breed of ghoul. Strangely uninterested in devouring raw flesh, blood lust instead permiates every fiber of your being. Due to mysterious changes in your unstable undead biology, you have gained one major skill. Vampires have 60 HP and 60 AP. Undead characters start out with randomized clothing.

Starting Skill: Fanged Bite
• Bite attacks deal more damage.

Starting Skill: Sharpened Senses
• You can find others who are hidden quite easily.

Starting Skill: Supernatural Strength
• Bonus damage for hand attacks.

Starting Skill: Powerful Jaws
• After a successful bite, you latch on to your target and attacks receive a bonus to hit.

Starting Skill: Vampiric Infection
• Anyone you kill will become a vampire.

Starting Skill: Track Prey
• You can sense the approximate direction of the last person you attacked/attacked you.

You will be able to play immediately after registration, and will also be vulnerable to other players!

Your info will not be given out to any third parties. Ever.

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This is is an all-new map which will be constructed during the Hell Rising reboot.