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Totten Mall

Mall's Closed! :O

Welcome to the mall!

The sun set on our wonderful establishment, and dawn is yet to break.
Most of our employees have been eaten, or have done the eating…
In response, we're having a blow out and are offering great deals!

Five Dollar Fantasies!
Okay, now leave me alone!
Ancient Katana

Hit Rate: 10% (base)
Damage: 5 - 8 (base)

"Player1 slashes Player2 with their Ancient Katana."

Bladed weapon.

No questions asked.
Severed Head

Hit Rate: 10% (base)
Damage: 5 - 8 (base)

"Player1 maligns Player2 with their Severed Head."

Blunt weapon. Great for Zombies!

Armbands are so great you guys.
Custom Armband

Worn on Upper Arm

A (your words here) Armband.
Specify your wording with donation!

Copies for friends? E-mail for details.

Important: Specify the name of the character the item is for when donating!!
If donating for a custom armband, also specify the short message on the armband!
Example: "A My Awesome Group Armband"
Personalized Items
Finaly, a Handkerchief of Doom!
Personalized Item

$50.00 $20.00 - About half the cost of one (1) month of hosting!

1.) Choose an item in your inventory.
2.) Tell us which item you picked.
3.) Tell us what to rename it.
4.) So shall it be done!
Important: Specify the name of the character the item is for when donating!!
Also specify the new name of your item and which item is changing!
Example: A Machete becomes A Bloody Battle Axe. (Same stats.)
Real Life Products!

Undead Testing

Zombification Zone

Brains vs Veins

Hell Rising

Drawer of the Dead
T-Shirts designed by Christopher Howard Wolf, "We Want You" design by Sean W. Thornton, shirts provided by Sketch86.com
For all other non-item donations, simply use this button:

Thank you! - Mall Staff