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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Mutual De-Fence LeagueRutiger Pupkin4/4OpenWe destroy fences. FENCES ARE AN ABOMINATION
Soul Hauntersigfried15/15OpenCampaigning for a fenced in map. Help make the game less fun and more fencey.
Combat MedicsHawkeye Pierce8/9ApplyWe are a M.A.S.H unit. We come to the Aid to all pro-human groups and we will provide what aid we can to all pro-undead groups. We Help All In Need. Armed with a Med Kit, a Revive needle, and maybe a pair of fangs. It isn't an easy route to play, s...
Bastards BattalionZman09012/14ApplyWe are the bastards of Serling, also one of the early clans in Serling. We are a group dedicated to survival and enjoying the game.
Order of BearsBerzerker8/10InviteThe way of the Berserk is the way of the bear. Clear all unneeded thought from the mind and focus only on your burning anger.
Ragtag Group of SurvivorsMatthais Deschain6/8OpenWe are the last of what remains of humanity in Serling City. Humans only; if you get turned, request a revive. Your teammates are your family. Treat them as such. Tking will result in an automatic kick and open bounty.
Army National GuardReed Barnes18/25ApplyThe Army National Guard is helping to restore order back to the city. We are providing aid for any bands of survivors who are dedicated to making the streets safe once again. Our rules are simple: do not attack any humans unless they are enemies of the gr...
Strangers with CandyGloom8/12OpenA humanitarian aid organization or something. All promises of food, shelter & medical treatment are 100% guaranteed to be totally sincere with no ulterior motive whatsoever.
KurushimiShinobikou3/8ApplyLife is suffering. We carry out the onerous duty of relieving others of that terrible suffering and taking it upon ourselves. For those who do not yet have one, please find a walkie talkie at your local police/fire department so that you can talk with u...
WarriorsHagard5/15ApplyWe're going to let everyone know that the Warriors were here! big red W.
Lazarixstar1ight3/42InviteLazarix is a large pharmaceuticals company that takes its name from Lazarus, a biblical character who was resurrected. Though Lazarix has been hailed for breakthroughs in various life-saving medicines, their ample supplies of a mysterious "anti-death&...