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Group List
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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Moonstone Lycan PackNox Aeterna17/30ApplyForget everything you knew about HR, you're a werewolf now.... Regardless of current race.
Urban Dead RefugeesArgent Wolf9/25ApplyFleeing the bleak landscape of Urban Dead we find a city even more bleak and miserable. Expect no mercy and give no mercy.
Xenopsylla CheopisTheta7/15ApplyA group of (mostly)Undead seeking to annihilate the remaining humans within Serling and to escape the city. Do what you want, don't overdo it, don't be a dick. Don't hurt newbies unless they attack first. Remember it's just a game. Undead ...
Serling Emergency ServicesZman0906/13ApplyDedicated to providing aid to Serling citizens by healing, maintaining the revive points, rebuilding, and attacking those who would see our work go to waste.
The VongolaAp0calypseArisen6/8ApplyJoin the Vongola Famiglia and fight for Vongola Decimo!!
ISIS 911th US DivisionTashfeen Malik4/17OpenWelcome! ALLAH welcomes you with open arms. We are a peaceful group trying to keep order in a racist city called Serling. One can hope for tolerance.
RUSSIAN SPACE SEX GECKOSLambda4/16ApplyThe Geckos are a group of peace. #NotAllGeckos
Army National GuardChristina Rose3/13ApplyThe Army National Guard is helping to restore order back to the city. We are providing aid for any bands of survivors who are dedicated to making the streets safe once again. Our rules are simple: do not attack any humans unless they are enemies of the gr...