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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
/x/fileskraufen82/82ApplyWe are the /x/files branch of fbi that investigates the paranormal
Black SunTony Greenberg4/4Invite
Soul Hauntersigfried10/10OpenCampaigning for a fenced in map. Help make the game less fun and more fencey.
The Giovanni FamilyKudlak8/8Applythe Giovanni are both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family, and are heavily focused on two goals: money and necromantic power The Giovanni have a reputation that causes most fellow Vampires to avoid them at all costs. The cla...
The Justice DepartmentZman09013/13OpenWe are The Justice Department, a group dedicated to protecting Serling and striking down on those who wish to see it destroyed. We're going to be cracking down on tkers and alt abusers all throughout Serling.
The Necrobe HordeAnimefan6665/5ApplyAfter the incident in Twilight City, the undead overpowered the humans and broke free of the Quarantine Area. Though it didn't last long, Serling was quickly overrun and cut off from the rest of the world. The 1st Generation of the infection now calls...
The Unholy QuartetBellaCullen4/4ApplyWe have a bad rep and we know how to use it.
High Plains DrifterKata21/22ApplyFood, and shelter, and something...
Hells SurgeonsxRavenx7/8OpenOperation: Rescue. A group for the games healing and reviving characters, The hardest role to play, A medics job is never finished. In tribute to CM.
Bastards BattalionMachzerohero11/13ApplySo we're prohuman, I guess. Fuck you.
Lazarix 2.0Free Lance11/13OpenLazarix is a large pharmaceuticals company that takes its name from Lazarus, a biblical character who was resurrected. Though Lazarix has been hailed for breakthroughs in various life-saving medicines, their ample supplies of a mysterious "anti-death&...
Aundae ClanMadeline15/24ApplyWe are the kindred, Hells ancient descendants, Begging the night not to go. Would you die for the dead yet still living? Starved of a life that's now gone, We are the children, The hungry children. Erupt in violence. As the ancients slumbered Wanker p...
Looking for GroupHythlodaeus7/12OpenYou're looking for a group? The least we can do is offer one to you. We're bringing the nonsense into this too dead city. Having a weird idea? - We'll help making it real. Come in, have fun. Bomph.
Order of BearsBerzerker3/9InviteThe way of the Berserk is the way of the bear. Clear all unneeded thought from the mind and focus only on your burning anger.
3iGary Strane5/18OpenInspiration, Ingenuity, Innovation. This is what 3i stands for. Our CEO Gary Strane has come personally to Serling to prove that 3i has no responsibility for or connection with the current events in Twilight City or in Serling. Accompanied by scientists a...