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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Death Squadhiei22922/47ApplyWe are back, for probably the 5th time. Death Squad was one of the major groups early in the game led by yours truly, hiei229. Essentially a ragtag band of mercs, we ended up starting a lot of fights. Now I will restart it again. We accept any races thoug...
Aundae ClanMadeline19/39ApplyWe are the kindred, Hells ancient descendants, Begging the night not to go. Would you die for the dead yet still living? Starved of a life that's now gone, We are the children, The hungry children. Erupt in violence. As the ancients slumbered Wanker p...
Combat MedicsHawkeye Pierce11/44OpenWe are a M.A.S.H unit. We come to the Aid to all pro-human groups and we will provide what aid we can to all pro-undead groups. We Help All In Need. Armed with a Med Kit, a Revive needle, and maybe a pair of fangs. It isn't an easy route to play, s...
The Dorian ClanKohaku4/5ApplyWe are a pro-vampire group, when we aren't sucking your blood or tearing you to pieces, you can find us burning down Serling. We show no mercy!
/B/astardsUndead Caine3/77ApplyToppest of kek M8.
Addicted to Midget PornGaladriel3/4OpenI am addicted to midget porn and can not stop watching it. When I'm not jerking off to small people porngraphy, I am playing Hell Rising. Join me if you want to talk about midget porn and kill everyone who isn't in our group!! Fuckin' A!!
CombatMedicsWhoAreActualMedicsKata3/3OpenHelp wanted- Doctors apply here!
Serling Army National Guardmenowar3/44ApplyNew to the game? Lets us help you out! 1. Serling Army National Guard is a pro-human group. 2. Grab a walkie talkie from a police department or fire department. Then you can talk to us! 3. Grab a GPS, they can be found in electronic stores and the fo...
Serling Department of CommerceSkathi3/5OpenA group dedicated to bringing back capitalism and free trade to Serling. Everyone is welcome to trade with us and everyone is considered an ally. Please use 27.00 to broadcast your item requests and I will arrange terms with you.