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GroupLeaderMembers (Active/Total)RecruitmentDescription
Death Squadhiei22915/52ApplyWe are back, for probably the 5th time. Death Squad was one of the major groups early in the game led by yours truly, hiei229. Essentially a ragtag band of mercs, we ended up starting a lot of fights. Now I will restart it again. We accept any races thoug...
Combat MedicsHawkeye Pierce6/20ApplyThe oldest group of healers and revival specialists in the game, active once again.
Drunk UnclesRoly5/59Applyself explanatory me thinks.
RUSSIAN SPACE SEX GECKOSLambda5/20ApplyThe Geckos are a group of peace. #NotAllGeckos
Aundae Clanwanker4/36ApplyWe are the kindred, Hells ancient descendants, Begging the night not to go. Would you die for the dead yet still living? Starved of a life that's now gone, We are the children, The hungry children. Erupt in violence. As the ancients slumbered Wanker p...
Grand Armée of the DeadThe other Wanker4/7OpenWe are the Grand Armée of the Dead. We will crush our human foes and establish an undead empire that will dominate for eternity. Find a walkie talkie and get on group chat.
The Old GuardJimNixon4/8ApplyRemnants of the military sent to Serling in the early days, we uphold the values of the old world. Dedicated to making Serling Great Again.